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 WA carers talk about fostering


Western Australian carers talk about fostering
(6 minutes, hosted on an external site which may lead to information not endorsed by the Department).

Carer testimonials

I didn’t have a mother figure - for her to come along and accept me as her own was very good for me.
If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know what it was to be a family.
Mathew, a former child in care

Being a respite carer is flexible, and fits in with my lifestyle. Being there in an emergency helps me have some work-life balance, and still contribute to the community.

We couldn't think of a more rewarding role in our lives then being foster carers for children who need a loving and supportive home. To witness first hand the amazing transformation of our young charges over time gives us tremendous joy.
Pat and Rhyce

It's an amazing feeling when you watch a foster child walk out of your door with their heads held a little higher and their eyes shining a little brighter, you know they're a little stronger and that you've made a difference... nothing compares.

Becoming a foster carer has been the most rewarding thing I've ever done. At times it can be hard, but the reward you get when a child discovers how special they are, for sometimes the first time in their life, is priceless.

Foster caring has had a huge impact on our lives. You get frustrated at times, but you get to see the differences in the children, it's amazing. The reward to us is that the kids love you back and they have a chance of leading a happy and normal life. I wouldn't change being a foster carer for the world. My young adult sons adore the children in our care. We are all a close and loving family.

Rewards and challenges

Opening you heart and home to a child who is likely to have experienced huge difficulties can be challenging.  Yet it is these very challenges which provide a richness and depth of experience often missed in today’s materialistic society.

Some of the rewards you can expect include:

  • Protecting children from harm. 
  • Making a difference in a child's life. 
  • Helping children feel good about themselves. 
  • Learning and using new skills.

It can be hard work providing a family with the space to become whole again. It takes a lot of love and dedication to heal a fearful child. However foster carers and their family will tell you that the joy of raising a foster child is not just in the destination but very much in the journey.

  Become a Foster Carer
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