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 Support people for you while in care


Your case worker is the person you will see and speak to the most. This is someone who works for the Department and who has special responsibility for you – making sure you are safe and well looked after and that your needs are being met.

Your case worker works in a team with other people in a district office. They have a Team Leader who is their manager. The person who is in charge of the whole district office is called the District Director. You might want to know the names of the Team Leader and District Director as they help to make decisions about you while you are in care, and you can talk to them if you want to. Ask your case worker for their names.

 Who else might you meet while you're in care?

There are other people you might meet. They all want to support and help you, and make sure that you are safe. Some examples are:

  • Education officer - This person works in the district office with your case worker, and can be involved if you need help with your school and further education.
  • Psychologist - This person also works in the district office with your case worker, and can be involved if  there is a problem you have that is worrying or upsetting you.
  • Aboriginal worker - If you are an Aboriginal person, you will probably have contact with a specialist Aboriginal worker, who will help to keep you in touch with your culture and your people.
  • Crisis Care worker - This person works in the Department's 24 hour Crisis Care Unit. You may have contact with them if there is an emergency or if you need help when your district office is closed.

  Become a Foster Carer
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